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UNIQUE ECO FOOD FROM SIBERIA100% organic foodUnique product rangeTrade margin starting at under 40%

We’re looking to cooperate with:

  •  retail shops
  •  retail chains
  •  restaurants, café
  •  advertising agencies
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Terms of cooperation

Story of Sibirskiy Znakhar Ltd is the story of partnership and teamwork. Thanks to our team we have been growing rapidly during all these days. And we don't intend to stop at the achieved level!

We have big plans on development and we suggest you to become a part of successful business!

MOQ for wholesale shipments is 5 thousand rubles.

Free delivery to terminal of transport company.

Free delivery within the territory of the Russian Federation for orders at the amount of more than 40 thousand rubles.

Free samples, leaflets and posters are provided with each order.

Marketing support - photos, artworks, advertising in social media.

Branded display stands for rent

We’re proud to present you our best-selling products

Pinecone jam

Siberian pine nuts in pinecone syrup

Wild cherry mashed with sugar

Siberian Treasure natural hand-made chocolate 

Two options of packaging: 

100 g and 30 g

100 г

30 г

100 г

30 г

100 г

30 г

100 г

30 г

100 г

30 г

100 г

30 г

Novelty of summer 2018

We present 4 new flavors of the syrup: guelder rose berry, dandelion, bilberry and rose hips.

They will deliver new sides of amazing flavor of the cedar nuts and will give you healthy benefits of these berries which are much-needed before autumn.

220 g

220 g

220 g

220 g

110 g

110 g

110 g

110 g

All products are certified

Ivan tea (fermented) 

8 blends, 2 options of packaging

Иван-чай с душицей

Иван-чай с лимоном и имбирём

Иван-чай с мятой

Иван-чай с облепихой

Иван-чай со смородиной

Иван-чай с чабрецом

Иван-чай с шиповником

Иван-чай классический

Advantages of our chocolateSecond best-selling item


natural ingredients


Siberian fillings

Window package

And what is more 

it’s really delicious!

Gift sets

Gift kraft paper packages

Birch presents

Cedar chests

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What else have you got working with us?

Leaflets, advertising posters

We provide you with CDR files of 

all advertising materials 

for further adjustment to your needs

Samples for tasting

Our experience shows 

that tasting promotions 

significantly increase sales volume

Retail equipment

A free branded display stand 

is available for MOQ supplies

We do more than just produce eco food_______________________________________________________________________________________________
Our mission is to provide the whole world with high quality natural products of Russian origin

We're looking to cooperate with new and experienced exporters and importers.

At the present time we supply our products to the following countries:






Our honors

Let’s promote natural food products together
We’re happy to welcome new partners

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Since the time of our establishment we have been successfully working with many companies which are currently our friends and good business partners.

Our factory is located in Tomsk

Sibirskiy Znakhar, OOO

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Bank account No 40702810509540000615 (EUR), «Levoberezhniy (PAO) in Siberian GU of the Bank of Russia,

Correspondence account 30101810100000000850,

BIC 045004850

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